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Court adjourns defamation case against Drone Media journalist (Demo)

Kampala, 1st /July /2019; Makindye Chief Magistrates Court has adjourned a case in which Pidson Kareire, a Drone Media Journalist is accused of criminal libel and offensive communication by Middle East Consultants Limited, a labor export company in Uganda.

This was after counsel for Middle East Consultants Limited Charles Nsubuga of Muwema & Co. Advocates prayed to court to have the matter adjourned since there were no witnesses.

In another vein, Counsel Daniel Walyemera of HRNJ-Uganda who is representing Pidson Kareire prayed to court to be availed with the disclosures to enable him prepare the accused’s defence. Disclosure means divulging information to a litigation opponent to enable him prepare his case.

Article 28(1)(3)(a)(c)(d) and (g) of the Constitution of Uganda is to the effect that an accused person is entitled to disclosure of copies of documentary exhibits, which the prosecution is to produce at the trial.

The matter was adjourned to 4th July at 9:00 a.m for the disclosures to be availed to the defence counsel by the lawyer for Middle East Consultants.

Middle East Consultants Limited alleges that Pidson Kareire published statements on the internet to the effect that they extort money from job seekers. They claim that the statements are not true and intended to defame and expose them to hatred, contempt and ridicule. They further contend that the statements were made with no purpose of legitimate communication and were intended to disturb the peace and right of privacy of Middle East Consultants Limited.

On 14th June 2019, Pidson was arraigned before Makindye Grade 1 Magistrate Okumu Muwonge and pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal libel and offensive communication enshrined under Sections 179 and 25 of the Penal Code Act and Computer Misuse Act respectively.

He was released on a non-cash bond of 10 million Uganda shillings.

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