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Court sets hearing date for Criminal defamation case against journalist (Demo)

Lyantonde, 21st /July/ 2016; The Magistrates Court in Lyantonde has today, 21st /July 2016, set 28th /July 2016, as a date for hearing the criminal defamation case against Sadati Waligo, a Red Pepper correspondent in Lyantonde District. Sadati is accused of publishing libellous material against the resident District Commissioner of Lyantonde, Sulaiman Tugaragara Matojo Ssalongo.

Laywer Lukamwa told court that he had just received instructions and prayed to court to be availed with the charge sheet, witness statements and all copies of exhibits that the prosecution intends to rely on to enable him prepare his client’s case. The prosecutor, State Attorney Wamibu Anthony had earlier told the magistrate that he had two witnesses in court and ready to proceed.

The Magistrate advised the parties to consider the option of reconciliation since it is leagally allowed, an advice that Sadati rejected and opted for hearing of the matter to its logical conclusion.

Sadati was, on 21st June 2016, charged with criminal libel before the same magistrate. He was remanded in Lyantonde prison for two days before he was granted bail. Prosecution alleges that on 17th January, 2016, Sadati published defamatory statements against Sulaiman Tugaragara Matojo on his facebook account.

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