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In a country where the pursuit of journalism can often feel like an uphill battle, the Human Rights Network for Journalists in Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda) has found a unique way to champion the cause of media freedom. We have taken to the football pitch, harnessing the power of sport to spread the message of free press and human rights.

Uganda’s Media Operational Challenges:

In the aftermath of COVID-19, the dynamics surrounding media operations in Uganda remain complex. While the pandemic underscored the vital role of the media, it also exposed vulnerabilities and challenges. Ensuring a free and independent press is essential for a resilient and informed society, and ongoing efforts are needed to protect and promote media freedoms while addressing the evolving operational dynamics in the post-pandemic era.

Football as a Catalyst:

At HRNJ-Uganda, we recognise the ability of sports, especially football, to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds. We have harnessed this power to create a unique platform for promoting media freedom. Since the beginning of the year, HRNJ-Uganda has been implementing a youth empowerment project through football.
Desirous of tackling change in operational dynamics in the aftermath of COVID-19, HRNJ-Uganda initiated this project as a new method of reaching out to the masses who adore football as a universal tool of unity and empowerment. Media literacy is a key component of HRNJ-Uganda programming. Combining this with a game that everybody loves and understands helps engender wide public knowledge about the media’s role to the masses. As such HRNJ-Uganda works with talented youth and young adults in her locality to facilitate this process