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Police forensic expert testifies in journalist’s assault case in Sheema. (Demo)

Bushenyi, 6th June 2019; Further hearing of a case in which a TV West Journalist, Sheikh Abdhurhatifu was allegedly assaulted by Davis Assimwe, a medical doctor attached to Kabwohe Health Centre IV in Sheema district, western Uganda, continued this 6th August 2019, at Bushenyi Chief Magistrates Court, with receiving evidence from Enock Kinene a forensic expert from the police’s cybercrimes Unit in Naguru.

In his testimony, Kinene told court that on 10th June 2018, he received instructions from the Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation (OC CID) Sheema Police Station to examine the exhibit -Sony camera belonging to Abdhurhatifu and advice on its functionality.

He told court that upon examining the camera, he found it damaged extensively with some parts missing and recommended that the same be taken to a Sony technician for repair.

Defence lawyer, Agaba Collins from Ngaluye & Co. Advocates representing the accused person prayed to court that the prosecution case be closed. This was however objected by Counsel Jonathan Bwagi, contracted by HRNJ-Uganda to watch brief in the matter.

Bwagi asked court presided over by Grade 1 Magistrate, Jane Mugara for the last adjournment to allow the medical doctor Peter Karubi who examined Abdhuratifu to appear in court and testify. He told court that in the event that the doctor is unable to make appearance, prosecution will endeavor to get another doctor who is familiar with Karubi’s signature to identify and interpret his report as provided for under Section 45 of the Evidence Act Cap. 6.

The case was adjourned to 17th September 2019 for further hearing and prosecution is expected to close its case on that date.

Prosecution led by Oundo Godfrey alleges that on 1st December 2017, Sheikh Abdhurhatifu was assaulted by Dr. Asiimwe Davis, the Administrator of Kabwohe Health Centre IV in Sheema district, Western Uganda. His Sony camera was also damaged during the scuffle.

Abdhurhatifu had gone to the Health Centre to verify information from Dr. Asiimwe about a woman who had been erroneously diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and wrongfully prescribed ARV’S for a period of about six years hence causing her severe side effects.

“We are optimistic that justice will be serviced to the journalist. Journalists have severally been attacked in the line of duty, so we need to push that perpetrators are brought to book as a measure to safeguard frontline journalists.” Said the Executive Director of Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda, Robert Ssempala

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