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Medical practitioner testifies in journalist’s assault case. (Demo)

Kampala, 15th September 2015; further hearing of a case in which a Wavah Broadcasting Services (WBS) Journalist, Andrew Lwanga was allegedly assaulted by Joram Mwesigye, the former Division Police Commander of Old Kampala Police Station continued today at the Chief Magistrates Court of Buganda Road., with the medical doctor Nuwamanya Emmanuel giving his evidence.

In his testimony, Dr. Nuwamanya told court presided over by Principal Grade 1 Magistrate Mary Margaret Kaitesi that he is a medical doctor and a police surgeon attached to Police Medical Head Quarters.  He further told court that on 15th January 2015, he carried out medical examination upon Andrew Lwanga from Nsambya Hospital where he was admitted.

“I examined the victim from Nsambya Hospital and found that he had a swelling behind the left ear, mild tenderness over his chest wall on the left front side below the breast. The injuries were about two days old and the cause of the injury was as a blunt object force. The injuries were classified as harm.” Nuwamanya told court. 

When Andrew Lwanga was contacted by HRNJ-Uganda, he said that the case had stalled and this was exposing him to danger. He however noted that the evidence that the medical doctor adduced in court was very relevant for his case.

Prosecution led by Muhumuza Edward Prosecution alleges that on 12th January 2015, while covering a demonstration by a group of unemployed youths who were heading to Police Headquarters in Naguru to deliver a letter to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Kale Kayihura to allow them hold rallies in the different parts of the City, Andrew Lwanga was assaulted by Joram Mwesige, the former Division Police Commander of Old Kampla Police Station thereby sustaining body injuries.

The case was adjourned to 7th October 2015 for the final prosecution to testify and prosecution is expected to close its case.

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