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Paying A Painful Price: A Journalist’s Life Threatened Over An Organized Crime Story Involving Deputy RCC


ARUA| HRNJ-Uganda| Federick Dramadri, a Voice of Life journalist in Arua City was this morning 16th May 2024 attacked by three men wearing masks. While attacking Federick, the men blamed him for reporting a story on Voice of Life FM about the Arua Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Ezama Ham Muzamil.

On Tuesday 14th May 2024, Federick reported a story on Voice of Life FM  about protestors who stormed the Arua Resident City Commissioner’s office(Mr. Ichogor Charles) demanding the resignation of the Deputy  Resident City Commissioner, Ezama Ham Muzamil. The protestors accused the Deputy RCC of siding with criminal gangs. The protest took place after Mr. Ezama allegedly ordered police to release two “hardcore” criminals on 9th May 2024.

“Before we aired this story, the guy [Deputy RCC] called me at around 3:00 pm and ordered me not to run the story and offered me some money which I declined. I told him that I could not ‘kill’ the story because it had been sanctioned by our media station.” Dramadri told HRNJ-Uganda,

“After a few minutes, one of my colleagues called to inform me that Ezama wanted to meet and give us money. I frankly told my colleague, that I was not ready to kill my story, which I was already filing- I encouraged them too, to carry the story, which I found to be of public interest.” Dramadri added.

Dramadri further revealed to HRNJ-Uganda that after filing the story, the said Ezama called and warned him never to step foot at his office and to make sure he doesn’t meet him on the way. This prompted Dramadri to open up a case of Threatening Violence at Arua Central Police Station Vide; SD REF 42/15/05/2024

When HRNJ-Uganda contacted Uganda Police’s Public Relations Officer, West Nile region Ms Angucia Josephine, said that the information about the case is yet to get to her office for her guided communication.

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This incident has been strongly condemned by Wenpa and we are with Dramadri to ensure he gets the justice for the barbaric attack on him

Yeah I like the way he kept the ethics of his profession, the story can change his life but that so called money may not who knows he was called to receive 100,000 which can not buy your daily bread

Very shameful. I pray that justice prevails for our dear comrade @Dramadri. We are all in this. Be strong, bro.
Thanks for exposing the evil being perpetrated by the government officials. The whole DRCC to act that low and recklessly!.

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