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Suppression in Algeria: Hirak protests met with arrests and Internet blocking

This statement was originally published on article19.org on 22 October 2019. ARTICLE 19 calls for the immediate release of all those arrested amid the crackdown on Hirak pro-democracy protests. The Hirak protests, which broke out across Algerian cities in February 2019, were caused by the former president’s announcement to run for re-election while ill in

Four charged with murders of Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée

This statement was originally publsihed on ipi.media on 21 October 2019. The International Press Institute (IPI), a global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists for press freedom, today welcomed the bringing of official charges against four suspects, including the alleged mastermind, in the February 2018 murder of Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak and his

Australia: MEAA joins media organisations in campaign for the public’s right to know

This statement was originally published on meaa.org on 21 October 2019. MEAA, the union for Australia’s journalists, has joined with publishers, broadcasters and other media organisations in an unprecedented united campaign for reforms to protect media freedom, whistleblowers and the public’s right to know. The campaign was launched last night with advertisements on commercial television

Security forces crack down on peaceful protests in Lebanon

This statement was originally published on hrw.org on 19 October 2019. Lebanon’s security forces used excessive and unnecessary force against protesters in downtown Beirut on October 18, 2019, Human Rights Watch said today. The Internal Security Force’s riot police fired tear gas at thousands of largely peaceful protesters, including children, in downtown Beirut. The army

Digital Rights Foundation condemns blackmailing and harassment of students at Balochistan University

This statement was originally published on digitalrightsfoundation.pk on 17 October 2019. Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) is alarmed by the incident of surveillance, blackmailing and harassment of female and male students in the University of Balochistan. We express solidarity with students protesting the incident and demanding accountability. The policing and surveillance of student bodies, particularly women,

Is online expression being suppressed in Tunisia?

This statement was originally published on hrw.org on 15 October 2019. Tunisian authorities are using laws on criminal defamation, “spreading false information,” and “harming others via public telecommunications networks” to prosecute people for their online commentary, Human Rights Watch said today. Courts have sent at least six Tunisians to prison since 2017 for their posts