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The legal barriers holding back women’s rights in Bahrain (Demo)

This statement was originally published on on 8 March 2020.

On International Women’s Day, BCHR launches its report entitled: “Bahrain: Women, powerful actors in building peace”.

The world celebrates the eighth day of March of each year, International Women’s Day, to express respect and appreciation towards women, and their economic, political, and social achievements. It is considered a date for renewing the era of fulfilling women’s political and human rights proclaimed by the United Nations.

Women play a major role in influencing society and through their cooperation with international and humanitarian organizations, they are activating their role in the scientific, academic, economic, and social fields. There is a global consensus that despite some progress, real change has been painfully slow for the majority of women and girls in the world today, where not a single country can claim full gender equality, and obstacles remain multiple without a serious or actual change in laws and legislation.

The Kingdom of Bahrain was not spared from this challenge, because the worst of what it went through was an attack on women, especially protesters and participants in the demonstrations. Many of them were arrested and imprisoned, subjected to physical and psychological torture, medical neglect, sexual assault, and harassment, by the security authorities, the Criminal Investigations Directorate and authorities at the Isa Town Prison for Women.

Women are subject to reprisals, and according to reports by local and international human rights institutions, 330 Bahraini women have been in prison since 2011, with malicious charges related to their demands for democracy and human rights.

On this occasion, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) reaffirms its commitment to defend the rights of women and its continuous endeavour to coordinate with other local and international institutions and organizations and their cooperation to promote women’s rights. The Center also expresses its solidarity with women who are victims of violations and commends the courage of those who resisted and exposed these violations.

Nedal Al Salman, the Acting President of the BCHR, stated: “All efforts must be united to confront all manifestations of violence against women. On this occasion, I call for the release of all women sentenced for issues related to freedom of opinion and expression and the application of alternative service penalties, with humanitarian and family considerations.”

On this day, BCHR publishes its comprehensive report entitled: “Bahrain: Women, powerful actors in building peace”. This report contains information on local laws that relate to women’s rights, as well as mentioning international legislation and the extent of Bahrain’s commitment to it. It also presents the situation of women human rights defenders, other female activists, and civil society organizations concerned with the defense of women and their effectiveness in improving the conditions for women’s rights in Bahrain.

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