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On the challenges of digital rights in Palestine

This statement was originally published on madacenter.org on 4 November 2019. The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) recent study The Challenges of Digital Rights in Palestine recommended the need to raise awareness of digital rights as a part of “the human rights matrix”. The study also recommended raising awareness of digital security, continuing

Lebanon: Women human rights defenders are on the protest frontline

This statement was originally published on gc4hr.org on 4 November 2019. The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) stands in solidarity with all women human rights defenders (WHRDs) on the frontlines of the ongoing peaceful protests sparked by the deterioration of the economic, social and political situation in Lebanon. The demonstrations started as a response

Police brutally assault journalists covering university students’ protest

This statement was originally published on hrnjuganda.org on 25 October 2019. Over fifteen (15) journalists who were covering a press conference convened by the Guild Council leaders of Makerere University have been teargassed and beaten by the police as they forced them out of the University campus. The journalists say that the attack on them

MFWA assessment underlines growing threats to journalists in Nigeria

This statement was originally published on mfwa.org on 1 November 2019. Over the past ten months, the MFWA has recorded about 70 violations against journalists and other media workers in West Africa. Physical attacks, arbitrary arrests and detentions are the most commonly perpetrated violations against journalists. Threats and the seizure of equipment of the victims

Ugandan journalists deliver petition to police despite heavy resistance

This statement was originally published on hrnjuganda.org on 4 November 2019. Police in Kampala arrested a number of journalists who were delivering a petition to the Inspector General of Police on 4 November 2019. The journalists were protesting the continued violation of their rights by the Uganda Police Force. Some of the journalists arrested include

Omar Barghouti at Imminent Risk of Deportation as Israeli Interior Minister Initiates Proceedings to Punitively Revoke his Residency Status

On 6 October 2019, Israeli Interior Minister Arye Deri announced that he is working towards revoking the residency status of Palestinian resident and human rights defender Omar Barghouti. The Israeli Interior Minister has “instructed the legal department of the Population, Immigration and Borders Authority to prepare the legal framework to revoke Barghouti’s resident status,” placing

Freedom House report finds global Internet freedom in decline for 9th year running

This statement was originally published on freedomonthenet.org on 5 November 2019. Governments around the world are increasingly using social media to manipulate elections and monitor their citizens, tilting the technology toward digital authoritarianism. As a result of these trends, global internet freedom declined for the ninth consecutive year, according to Freedom on the Net 2019,

Human rights groups call for release of Kazakh journalist Amangeldy Batyrbekov

Dauren Abayev Minister of Information Republic of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan, pr. Mangelik El, 8 House of Ministries, 15 entrance G. Nur-Sultan, Nur-Sultan, st. Mugilik El, 6, Government House Cc: Nurdauletov Gizat Daurenbekovich General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan 010000, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city, Mangіlіk El avenue, 14 Dear Minister, The undersigned list of freedom of expression